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Fort McMurray, Summer of 2007
  • The all new Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre (SSWC) opened mid September 2007 and ETA was ready with 2 large 50" digital advertising screens.     

To view photos and video about this location click the blue link above called View website.

To view information about advertising at this location please see our Digital Advertising page.

Here is our digital advertising case study about our win/win agreement at the SSWC.

Upon learning through our proprietary sales strategies about the building of a new sports and recreation facility at the Keyano College in Fort McMurray in 2006 we immediately became interested. Our intentions were to provide win/win revenue generating digital advertising and communication system to the centre paid for soley by advertising contracts.

Initial reception to the idea was received by the management at SSWC in the spring of 2007, ETA immediately began connecting with businesses in the community that might be interested. Initial reception was hesitant and many of the businesses were not interested as they were either too busy already or felt they didn't need the advertising, plus the location wasn't even installed yet!

Persistance and an award winning sales manager (Good Job Judy!!) paid off, our minimum contracts were met from our win/win agreement and the job was to move forward.

From the time we began making sales calls to the time the ads went live was a full 6 months. This due in part to the location not being open yet (opened mid September 07) which gave us time to bring in more contracts.

We are pleased to announce the revenue being generated from the local businesses and national sponsors has been consistently larger than the monthly lease payment for the communication system. We have in turn created a communication system for SSWC at no cost to them. Cooperation from management at the SSWC for this project has been excellent and has helped muchly in the sales of advertising as well.

In only 2 more years the communication system lease will be paid off and solely owned by the centre. Renewals have been excellent at the site with most of the advertisers choosing to renew their contracts and some demanding that we renew them immediately to retain their exclusive status.

Some comments from the marketing department at SSWC about the screens:

Michelle L. Dolmont BScK MHK (comments in red below)
Marketing and Events Manager

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, both positive and negative.
I think the screens have been a very useful internal marketing tool. People often comment on the television screens in our facility. We also have a lot of people inquiring about advertising on the screens after they have visited the facility. I think the ads are clear and concise and provide an effective means of marketing. 

Are the current screen locations in the right place to attract the most amount of people seeing the displays?
I can’t think of anywhere else the screens may be more effective. Almost everyone who uses the fitness centre comes up the main stair case and the TV is right in front of them as they walk up the stairs. With the downstairs TV I think the same. It is in direct sight line as you walk to the front desk. Everyone is supposed to be signing in so they should have to walk right by the TV’s 

If you could make a few comments on how the screens have made workload at SSWC easier and what benefits the advertising revenue received has given to SSWC.
The benefits of the revenue share have been fantastic. I have a huge revenue generation expectation each year and to know that I have a steady stream of revenue coming in with not a lot of man hours needed is reassuring. I like the ability to promote our own programs through the screens because it avoids having paper signs around the facility which are messy and unprofessional.

I would like to be able to update and edit the screens immediately as things are constantly changing. That would be my one criticism.
[ETA Reply: since this comment we have enabled our online multizone software version to this site, allowing Michelle to login and update the screen with new information any time.]

Overall I think the screens have been very effective. This time of year things are a little slower in the building (standard in recreation) but during the year I see lots of people looking at the screens.

Perhaps the addition of the News Scroll or the trivia may increase their watching however.
[ETA Reply: there has been even greater comments since we installed the multizone software version to this site and are now showing time, date, sponsors directory, weather, news, health and sports RSS feeds, with scrolling and graphic banners.]

If you have any questions of comments on this article or are considering digital signage advertising for your business please Contact Us.


Authored by:
Chad McDonald

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