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The Basics

For most of you, the initial setup of your TV's, server account and media players has been done for you. 

Therefore, the following 4 videos will cover the majority of what you need to know.

1. Logging in.
2. Navigating the campaigns and ads menu.
3. Adding a new campaign.
Adding and editing ads.
5. Various ad types.
6. Sorting ad order (play lists).
7. Online Ad Editors
8. EZBoard Overview


Some of you have more access to the system than others and these videos begin getting into the setup procedures.

1. Adding, editing, pausing and deleting campaigns.
2. Adding new departments and users.  | Adjusting permissions.
3. How the approval system works & approving new ads.
4. Adjusting the run time of your players.
5. Drawing zones on the screen to schedule content into.
6. Setting up a new player to connect to your ETA AIM account.
7. Adding displays to locations.
8. Creating display groups.

Power Point Files: 3 key areas of settings.

Need Codecs?

The ETA AIM online software (powered by UCView) makes updating one or thousands of locations as easy as 1,2,3!

If you have any questions after watching these digital signage tutorials please Contact Us for further information or a live web demo.

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