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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well considering the times we are in.

I recently flew to Lost Wages (Vegas) to take in the Digital Signage Expo 2008 seminar. All went relatively well, with the exception of a few flight mishaps which included an emergency landing with fire trucks (pic1 pic2), all in a days work (:-).

The seminar was an eye opener for sure and the biggest benefit for many of you is we are now offering a web driven updatable service for your digital signage networks. View Demos Here....

You now have the ability to login from any web browser (even your cell phone!) and change your screens content, upload new information and schedule events months in advance. Great for retail and hopitality or really anywhere you trying to connect with your audience. The new web enabled multi zone format comes complete with scrolling news, weather feeds, text banners, media from pretty much any source and is so simple to update your staff will absolutely love it.

We've been rolling this out to our advertising sites and the response has been excellent. In the coming months we'll send out more information about it, view the demos above and contact us for a quote request if you have a waiting room or lineup situation and have been considering a digital signage solution to communicate with them.

Your Own Customizable
  Multi-Zone TV in Horizontal

Or Portrait Mode!!
[Like You See At The Airports]


View the 2008 multi zone format in
action with the video below...

Click the large triangle below to begin the sample
video of our new 2008 format....
If you can't see the triangle Click Here (opens new window)

It's Prime Time to Promote Your Business!

Double Exposure* 

Promote your company at any one location and we will
let the same ad campaign from site 1 run at 
another location at no extra charge!!
(at sites of equal or lesser value)

Applicable at the following locations:

  1. Boston Pizza - West Edmonton Mall
  2. East Side Mario's - Spruce Grove
  3. East Side Mario's - South Edmonton Common
  4. TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre - Spruce Grove
  5. Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre - Fort McMurray

Choose only one of the following:

Package 1:

2-15 seconds ADS (sponsorship status) at:
TransAlta TriLeisure Centr e

(frequency fluctuates with space, currently about once every 4.5 min)
2 slot package for only $149.00 / month
Reg: $238.00/month. Saving You $89 / Month. With double exposure AD package has value of $272.00/month

On either special we'll take your campaign and DOUBLE IT!

Package 2:

2-15 seconds ADS (sponsorship status) at:
  Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre

(frequency fluctuates with space, currently about once every 6 min)
2 slot package for only $299.00 / month
Reg: $328.00/month. Saving You $29.00 / Month. With double exposure AD package has maximum value of $501.00/month

On either special we'll take your campaign and DOUBLE IT!  

Package 3:

Free 30 day trial at any site!
If you signup with a major CC we are offering ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL on the screens with no obligation to continue, you only pay for the creative and that's only if you don't already have an ad.

Contact us below to get more details on this exciting win/win offer.


Call Now To take advantage of these specials: 

Judy (Regional Sales Manager) - 1 - 780 - 504 - 3599

Alan (HQ Admin Manager) - 1-877-993-8222

Chad (CEO) - 1-403-352-9399

* All specials subject to promotion dates and availability at each
location. This special available only till October 30th, 2008 and applicable for only 2 month period of November and December 2008.

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Authored by:
Chad McDonald, CEO 
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