Touch Screen Kiosks

Your Remotely Updatable Digital Signage and Entertainment Solution!

Touch Screen Kiosks built to your specifications!

Computer Graphics Department
ETA will design a custom presentation for your business that highlights your product, showroom, or manufacturing process in order to start the information flow and answer some questions for those who are "just Browsing".

We then install your computer driven production onto a display screen of applicable size to catch the eye of your potential customers.  While they may not want to talk to a salesman yet, they are receiving helpful information, arousing their curiosity and captivating their attention with video footage and computer generated graphics. 

Plus!! For those of you with a flow of customers through your business now you can create a Revenue Source as well! Once ETA has installed your custom Touch Screen Kiosk solution you can allow us to sell advertising onto your screens. You make money on the advertising and pay for your investment! It's a Win - Win solution.

The Custom Business Portal

-Provide information to customers on the details of your business
-Visually stimulating presentations to show your manufacturing processes
-Provide a virtual showroom at a fraction of the cost of a real one
-Maximize the use of sales reps at times when the showroom is busy while�maintaining information flow to customers
-Presentations can be without sound, making the show room more of a relaxed atmosphere
-Create a Revenue source by selling slots of advertising of like minded businesses into your showroom BUT not the competition of course!!

Touch Screen Kiosks Price

Less Than $100.00 / month.
Fully Serviced Silent Digital
Salesman & Retail Kiosks Manufactured
Close To Home To Fit
Your Budget!

Interactive Kiosks & Touch Screen Kiosks available too!

Show Room Solution Pictures

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