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Look What UCView Software Can Do!!!
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Watch our 6 part demo and see how easily you can roll out a network with the UCView Canada solution.

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 UCView 6 part tutorials

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If RS232, VGA, LCD, PLASMA, SERVERS, SUPPORT, TRAINING, NETWORKING, ROUTERS, FIREWALLS, SOFTWARE, INSTALLATION plus a hundred things on our checklist of to do's and 100+ software companies saying they're the best have you in a blur, give us a shout!

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View our multi zone DS software called UCView in action with the video below...

Please note: the video below is a sample of a 6 zone display.

The ETA Digital Signage Communication solution screens powered by UCView can be divided up into any number of combinations of one or more zones, across one or more screens, located at one or more sites in one or more cities, located in one or more countries around the world.

Generally speaking the more zones you run the more complex a digital signage network becomes, yet as you'll see in the video to the right, the UCView solution makes this a snap.

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Recent Comments

"Very professional, any questions or changes were dealt with very quickly. Creative People."
Shale Industrial, Fort McMurray


"I have received comments that people like the new format of TV’s.
I think with the running scroll it causes people to stop and read.

Michelle L. Dolmont BScK MHK
Marketing & Events Manager
Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre
Keyano College, Fort McMurray"


"A Really Slick System"

"Our trainer was great, funny and put up with all our abuse!"
"Trainer was very patient, instruction clear, concise, answered all questions, provided contact for problems or questions."
"Trainer has been available for any issues, questions concerns...excellent excellent company to deal with."
"The ETA system has opened a whole new world and has given our organization an opportunity to showcase programs and services affordably, while adding a whole new dynamic informative dimension to our service area. We are very excited about the potential and we are delighted about the technical and other support we have received to date. Thanks so much!"

 - Alberta Government -


"The service was exceptional and very courteous. I would recommend this company to everyone I know. The rates are very reasonable compared to what other companies are charging"
-  Anonymous -


I was very happy with the service. My small suggested alterations were not ignored nor dissuaded. They were considered and changes made accordingly.
-  Chocolates & Candlelight -


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The digital signage industry is popping up everywhere these days, thanks in large part to some recent large Digital Signage Contractor implementations. Coffee drinkers throughout the country have been eye witnesses to what an effective digital signage roll out looks like on nearly every city corner. Most people don't even know what the industry is called but they sure can tell you that there mouth waters when they watch those video clips in the drive through!

An LCD screen here, a Gas Plasma there; large screen TV's and Projected images with advertising are changing the atmosphere in a wide range of digital signage markets. Take for just a moment to consider the Powerful Possibilities of Remotely Updatable Digital Signage for your situation. Corporate, Retail, Waiting Rooms and Line-ups - in nearly every business, the ability to place affordable digital screens in targeted areas and broadcast the same message at the same time to hundreds or thousands of screens at the push of a button spells SUCCESS.

Canadian Digital Signage ?

ETA can help...

Who is ETA?
Elapsed Time Advertising Inc. [ETA for short] is an end to end digital signage contractor, entertainment and advertising solutions provider. ETA provides remotely updatable digital signage with several possibilities to help you communicate your products, services, show rooms and message to Your clientele in the 21st century. Browse through our links at the left to see for yourself how we can help you launch quickly into this new, exciting revenue generating industry.

We offer both Dynamic Digital Advertising in waiting room and lineup situations as well as custom digital signage that fits exactly what your business needs.

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Vertical Multi-Zone DS

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42" Plasma Sports Facility Network
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