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ETA can help…
Who is ETA?

Elapsed Time Advertising Inc. [ETA for short] is an end to end digital signage contractor, entertainment and advertising solutions provider.

ETA provides remotely updatable digital signage with several possibilities to help you communicate your products, services, show rooms and message to Your clientele in the 21st century.

Browse through our links at the left to see for yourself how we can help you launch quickly into this new, exciting revenue generating industry.

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Canadian Digital Signage ?

We offer both Dynamic Digital Advertising in waiting room and lineup situations as well as custom digital signage that fits exactly what your business needs.

Click the large triangle below to begin the sample video of our new 2008 digital advertising format….
If you can’t see the triangle Click Here (opens new window)

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Canadian Resellers Needed!
The ETA Digital Signage Communication solution

screens powered by UCView can be divided up into any number of combinations of one or more zones, across one or more screens, located at one or more sites in one or more cities, located in one or more countries around the world.

Generally speaking the more zones you run the more complex a digital signage network becomes, yet as you’ll see in the video to the right, the UCView solution makes this a snap.

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Useful for
any business needs:

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