Waiting Room LCD TV & Lineup Entertainment

Your Remotely Updatable Entertainment Solution!

Our waiting room and lineup entertainment service is for businesses with customers having to wait in lineups or waiting rooms.

The ETA Entertainment Portal’s main goal is to entertain your clients during the elapsed time that occurs between when they arrive in your business, and the time they receive the product or service that they have come for. Entertaining your clients during this time is crucial. They will formulate an opinion by the way your business has addressed them since they entered your establishment.

We’ve put a lot of hard work into our business and now boast a database of over 3000 Facts, Jokes, Quotes and Trivia. Our graphics library is nearly 1/2 Million Backgrounds, Photos, Textures, Objects, Animated Elements and Video Clips. Plus we have the ability to create our own for you in the topic your clients require.

The Entertainment Portal

We have your entertainment solution!

  • Entertain customers while they wait for your product or service
  • Provide a more relaxed atmosphere in your reception ├írea.
  • Change customers perception of your business.
  • Improve customers demeanor if they have had to wait in line.
  • Customizable entertainment packages to suit your customer demographics.
  • Silent observation is unobtrusive to the day-to-day operations of your business.
  • Create another Revenue Stream – purchase the portal yourself and make money on the advertising.
  • Service is available for free to eligible locations – ask your ETA rep for details